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Rajput families resinding in villages face difficulties in educating their children. Well-to-do families are staying in cities, But most of the children have to do up-down. Buses do not ply regularly; There is much rush in buses. Children can't reach their schools or colleges in time. It is a risk to travel by unknown vehicals. In such cases girls have to leave their studies in between. Ti is not fair that in modern times girls remain away from education.

Rajput girls hostel has been started in Dandia Bazar - Brahmapuri in a rented house, since June - 2012 by Vadodara Rajput Yuva Association. There is provision for 40 girls. At present 35 girls take advantage of this facility. When we shall have our own building they will be shifted there. We have got donation of 85 lacs Rs. The work of collecting the remaining amount is going on. When god has blessed you with so much, you are requested to donate something by keeping feeling for our Rajput Society.

We are trying to get Plot Land for construction of the building. After getting, we shall start the work.

Rs. 3000/- has been decided as Fees for lodging and boarding. In cases of economically weak families Rs. 1500/- will be charges.


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